Akram Khan (UK)Outwitting the Devil

The effect of rhythms builds a hypnotic mechanics that conveys the fight as much as the terror. […] One comes out of Outwitting the Devil more aware than ever of the ephemeral nature of existence.” – La Provence (FR)

“We are the devil ourselves. We are the first generation to know that it is destroying the planet and the last to be able to do something about it. ” said Akram Khan. In Outwitting the Devil, he re-reads the 4000-year-old Gilgamesh epic, written on clay tablets, as a parable for modern man. Khan chose the fragment in which King Gilgamesh arrives at one of his journeys at a beautiful forest. He destroys the entire forest to kill its monstrous guard. Khan and the six dancers go in search of fragments of lost knowledge in the debris of the clay tablets and the stories of fallen gods.


Speellijst 2019/20:

28 & 29 aug – Amsterdam, International Theater Amsterdam
6 & 7 sept – Rotterdam, Theater Rotterdam
24 & 25 sept – Düsseldorf (DE), Düsseldorf Festival!
10 jan – Brugge (B), Concertgebouw
21 jan – Tilburg, Theaters Tilburg
22 jan – Utrecht, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
25 jan  – Turnhout (B), Cultuurhuis de Warande
28 jan  – Groningen, SPOT Groningen
30 jan  – Hasselt (B), Cultuurcentrum Hasselt