Ohad Naharin is one of the most original choreographic minds of our time—a modern guru whose pioneering dance language, Gaga, uses bodily self-awareness to produce constant, fluid motion and an unthinkable elasticity.

Rooted in this practice is Sadeh21[1], a collection of movement studies by Naharin and his Israeli-based Batsheva Dance Company. Eighteen dancers—backed by music by Autechre, Brian Eno, Angelo Badalamenti, and others—deploy their controlled, pliant bodies in a staggering range of abstractly interpersonal scenarios. Exchanged kisses, distant screams, and beaten chests collude with sinewy solos and gender-bent line and club dancing to create devastating constellations of human pathos, humor, and beauty.

Lighting and stage design by Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)

Soundtrack by Maxim Waratt
Costume design by Ariel Cohen
Video titles design by Raz Friedman

Sadeh21 was commissioned by The Israel Festival, Jerusalem, and Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts & Creativity
With the generous support of the Michael Sela Fund for Development of Young Artists