Cézanne Tegelberg (NL) – Hag
Immersive / Visual theatre

The term “witch” is used to oppress, stigmatize, curse, but the Witch is so much more. She is the wise woman, the indomitable, the bright one. Those who refuse to conform to our systems. She is that bubbly hurricane that lives within all of us, but which most suppress in an attempt to exhibit socially desirable behavior: “Hold back, hold your belly, cover yourself, stretch, behave, please me”. She is the primal force, the razor-sharp intuition for which the modern woman turns a deaf ear for fear of being called crazy. Not if it were up to her. She appears all around us. And she will be free.With this performance we dive into the ocean of our collective memory in search of the primal woman, the witch in all of us. In the words of a song we have long forgotten. We watch from behind her eyes. As invisible spectators, we wander through a moving labyrinth and come ridiculously close to an intimate ritual of reclaiming and reclaiming, of knowing and madness.




October 6th 2023, Podium Mozaïek Amsterdam 
March 8th 2024, Nieuwe Regentes Den Haag