Cie. EIA (SP) – Nuye
Contemporary circus

Waking up in a lonely place after isolation; we feel we are missing something. We begin an inner search until we collide with the outside world, and we realize the need to seek and connect with the other, with other people; to be able to touch them, shake hands, share a hug, be together…
NUYE is a circus and choreographic proposal for six acrobats that starts from the exploration of the dynamics of couple/duo/partner relationships and that reflects the comings and goings between self and others, in a constant search to feel complete. Hand to hand, banquines and icarian games take place on a stage, occupied by a carefully crafted wall that comes to life, with its doors, hinges, openings and diving board, which like us, reveals many faces.



March 28th 2024, De Lawei Drachten
March 29th 2024, Taqa Theater Alkmaar
March 30th 2034, Ogterop Meppel 
March 31st 2024, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht