Cie. Parterre (FR) – Underdogs
Contemporary dance

Three dancers, one woman and two men, attempting to stick together. Through their dance, they embody an urban imagery that is on occasion provocative, sometimes transgressive, occasionally oppressive, at times liberating. By deep diving into different states of being, they explore the collective unconscious that unites them and embark upon a deep process of introspection. Against a backdrop of soul music evocative of the political climate in 1970s America, they proudly confront the invisible mass of their urban heritage. Through the gaze of the other and by coming face-to-face with their own inner antagonisms, the three dancers highlight the deep bonds that unite them, as well as the choices that make them individuals with fully-fledged personalities




February 23rd 2024, CC Sint Niklaas
February 24th 2024,CC Casino Koksijde