Familie Flöz (DE) – Feste
Visual / Masktheatre

Familie Floz Feste

A wedding takes place in a stately house by the sea. There is great excitement. There are deliveries, cleaning, tidying up, security and waste disposal. From concierge to chef, from cleaning lady to manager, everyone does their best to make the party on the impressive estate an unforgettable experience. When a strange woman suddenly appears in the backyard, the order slowly but surely falls apart at the seams. Heavily pregnant and carrying a heavy backpack, she takes refuge in the courtyard. In exchange for protection and the basic necessities, she soon discreetly offers her help. As if by magic, the stranger weaves a delicate web of relationships and the lives of residents and staff gradually begin to change. Rigidity gives way to flexibility, unfulfilled wishes are soon fulfilled and panic attacks are soothed by the power of new life.

FESTE is a fairy tale without words for adults, in a poetic mix of bitter tragedy and and dark slapstick. A tragicomic story about the pursuit of individual happiness, but there is more behind it.

‘A fairy tale for adults which is both amusing and poignant, with Familie Flöz’ special blend of cutting glances and political commentary’





13-March 25                       De Werft Geel (B)                             https://www.dewerft.be/
14-March 25                       Stadsschouwburg Utrecht                https://stadsschouwburg-utrecht.nl/
20-March 25                       Taqa Theater Alkmaar                      https://theaterdevest.nl/
22-March 25                       Posthuistheater Heerenvven            https://www.posthuistheater.nl/
23-March 25                       De Kolk Assen                                  https://www.dnk.nl/
25-March 25                       Goudse Schouwburg                        https://goudseschouwburg.nl/