Flip Fabrique (CAN) – Blizzard
Contemporary Circus

With Blizzard, FLIP Fabrique takes you on a crazy, poetic and gentle journey in the dead of winter, and invites you to lose yourself in a moment of complete wonder. With performers at the peak of their art and outstanding visual poetry, Blizzard promises to blow away everything in its path.

What if winter has taken over?
Not just outside, in the streets and in the fields,
But also in the houses, in the bedrooms
Underneath our clothes, and even right into our hearts.
Everything, absolutely everything, buried under the snow,
Obliterated by a white-out.
The north wind freezes time as it flows over us.
Would it be a catastrophe?
Or a chance to start over,
To fix our mistakes?
A new blank page
In the shape of a blizzard.


October 26th 2023, De Kom Nieuwegein
October 27th 2023, Atlas theater Emmen
October 28th 2023, Maaspoort Venlo
October 29th 2023, Schouwburg Nijmegen
November 2nd 2023, De Blauwe Kei, Veghel 
November 3rd 2023, De Flint Amersfoort
November 5th 2023, CC Hasselt (B)
November 7th 2023, Theater De Lievekamp