La Putyka (CZ) – Runners
Contemporary Circus

Enchanting dance, impressive acrobatics and original live music that sets out to examine the experience of time in a world that demands everything be done in haste. Four skilled dancers and two musicians invite the audience to consider life in a fast-paced world.

A unique set design consists of a huge treadmill made to measure in the United Kingdom. As the cast performs powerful choreography, original live music, Cyr wheel stunts and bewildering acrobatics, they also run almost an entire marathon.

We try to catch everything and catch up with what we missed. It’s not enough to be good, we have to be better tomorrow. Time – we want to be with it, but it overtook us long time ago. We can’t stop, we can’t sleep, we can’t sit down, have a quiet cup of coffee and read at least one article from start to inish (this sentence is already long for you, isn’t it).




January 24th 2024, Harmonie Leeuwarden
January 26th 2024, CC de Werft Aalst (B)