Liaison Carbone is a particle physics at human scale.

“Our juggling matter emerges from the manipulation of a large number of objects, like physical matter is made of a large number of atoms. One doesn’t see a few balls or a few rings anymore, but a whole set with a particular behavior, passing through solid, liquid or gaseous states, until it becomes living matter.”

After a four year teaching experience in Académie Fratellini, Denis Paumier continues the adventure with his former students. This show gathers five jugglers around the tradition and new tracks of the juggling language.

Touring List 2014:

20 sep 2014        Nieuwegein, De Kom
21 sep 2014        Helmond, het Speelhuis
24 sep 2014        Arnhem, Schouwburg Arnhem
27 sep 2014        Aalst (België), Cultuurcentrum de Werf