Redo & Domniq (NL) – A new Dawn
Hip hop / Muziek

new dawn

You open your eyes. A new, fresh day is ready. A day with endless possibilities. Or not. Do you actually decide for yourself what you want and do?
A New Dawn is a dynamic multidisciplinary show with constantly changing elements. Like every new day, each performance develops in its own unique way. They have one thing in common: the most innovative musicians and (break)dancers of the moment. “The wow factor of their virtuosity, the musicality and inescapable humanity of the bodies, makes the performance extremely suitable for switching between abstract and material worlds,” says Movement Exposed. Let yourself be carried away to a glorious new tomorrow!

A New Dawn is led by breakdancer REDO (Winner De Zwaan Dutch Dans Prize) and percussionist DOMNIQ (Winner Dutch Music Prize).

REDO can be seen next season as host of Dutch tv programme Project Dans on NPO1



8 Feb 25               Kunstmin Dordrecht            
11 Feb 25             Goudsche Schouwburg       
12 feb 25              Wilminktheater                    
13 Feb 25             Harmonie Leeuwarden       
14 & 15 Feb 25     Bellevue Amsterdam          
22 Feb 25             CC Amstel Amsterdam       
25 Feb 2025         Theaters Tilburg                 
26 Feb 25             Alphen ad Rijn                    
27 Feb 25             Hoge Woerd                       
28 Feb 25             Schouwburg Hengelo         
6 March 25           Schouwburg Nijmegen       
8 March 25           Taqa Alkmaar                      
11 March 25         Schouwburg Leiden            
14/15 March 25    Schuur Haarlem