Tappin it Collective (NL) – Doemsdee
Physical Theatre

In DOEMSDEE, Tappin-It Collective dances along the edges of the human age and tries to give meaning to the end of time. We are destroying our perfect home (in the words of David Attenborough) and yet we want to live eternal life. We hug bushes to unwind. We celebrate life by numbing ourselves and procreating until the last day. We like to play the lead role in our own film and are destructive and lively at the same time.
Let yourself be overwhelmed by this dance performance à la Tappin-It Collective, infused with tap, mime and percussion. Because this time they transcend themselves: more moves, more performers, more décor, more oversized themes, more inscrutable scenes, more more! They dance until their feet catch fire, eat flowers until they dissolve in nature, fight until it rains frogs and kiss the weather gods until their heads blow away. As long as the ending is spectacular.



7 till 9 juli 2023, FestivalderAa, Doemsdee
October 6th 2023, Taqa Theater, Alkmaar
October 19th 2023, Odeon Zwolle
October 21st 2023, De Nobelaer, Etten Leur
10 till 11 november 2023, Rietveldtheater Delft
November 25th 2023, De Ogterop, Meppel
November 26th 2023, Koornbeurs, Franeker
November 29th 2023, Stadstheater, Zoetermeer
Januari 26th 2024, De Leest Waalwijk
Januari 28th 2024, Cpunt, Hoofddorp
March 1st 2024, Wilminktheater Enschede