The might of empires. The power of sacrifice. Forces as ancient as Time. As new and wonderful as breath. Renowned choreographer Yang Liping brings us Under Siege, her stunning vision of the climactic battle between Chu and Han armies, an ambush that changed the course of Chinese history, and a love that would transcend death.

Explore Festival is presented to you by the joined theaters, Fonds Podiumkunsten and VSB and produced by Van Baasbank & Vos

18 nov 2017 Breda, Chassé Theater
21 nov 2017 Groningen, Stadsschouwburg
23 nov 2017 Utrecht, Stadsschouwburg
26 nov 2017 Heerlen, Parkstad Limburg Theaters
28 nov 2017 Breda, Chassé Theater
30 nov 2017 Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg
02 dec 2017 Rotterdam, Theater Rotterdam