ICKEmio Greco/Pieter C. Scholten (NL) – We the Eyes
Contemporary dance

WE, the EYES are the survivors of a pandemic in search of the better true life. It’s time for a tilted look. For that, we need to relearn see. To the music of Pink Floyd, Beethoven, Xenakis, Arvo Pärt and to the ghosts words  of the ancient (wise) Greeks, laced with language of today, perform 11 dancers the overtone fired by the beats of a percussionist. They form the main characters and the choir. They are the masses and the individual, the guilt and the innocence. An oracle is going to stir them up on their journey through the Heart of darkness and deter, encourage and discourage. This oracle is a fluid identity, whichin different guises and genders tries to influence the group and plant, disrupt and mislead wrong ideas. As a helper but also as a helper charlatan. As a seer or as a deceitful oracle, as a pedagogue or demagogue, asphilosopher or liar, he/she leads the way in 7 stops. WE, the EYES is a micro-society that at some point comes out of nowhere arises and brings bodies together in the here and now. Together we discover who “WE” are. What our identity consists of. Why we (should) be able to cope with fate challenge. That we can determine the future through our history.



February 16th & 17th  2024, HNT Den Haag
March 1st 2024, Theater Rotterdam
March 5th 2024, De Kring Roosendaal
March 7th 2024, Philharmonie Haarlem
March 27th 2024, Kunstlinie Almere
March 29th 2024, Schouwburg Tilburg
April 3rd 2024, Taqa Theater Alkmaar
April 15th 2024, Spot, Groningen
April 17th 2024, Rabo Theater Hengelo 
April 25th 2024, Castellum Alphen aan de Rijn
May 8th 2024, Goudse Schouwburg
May 14th 2024, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht 
May 16th 2024, Chassé Theater Breda