You’ve found the home of the 2 Meter Sessions: An legendary archive of music sessions. Songs in different renditions. From a single guitar and a small or acoustic version to complete bands that go full throttle with an electric set. We’ve recorded them all.

In 1987, when a managing director of the Dutch radio station 3FM told host Jan Douwe Kroeske to limit the non-Dutch spoken word in his radio show, he rented an acoustic guitar and instead of an interview with the artists on his show, he asked them to play a song: 2 Meter Sessions was born!

The first 2 Meter Session (named after the height of Jan Douwe Kroeske) was done by Crowded House. 22 years and more than 1500 sessions later 2 Meter Sessions is a national phenomenon.

The concept of 2 Meter Sessions became famous on radio and was first broadcasted on national television in 1993. Among the many historical 2 Meter Sessions on radio and TV are recordings by Nirvana, Bobby Womack, Aerosmith, Radiohead, Ice T, Jackson Browne, Nils Lofgren, Tori Amos, Foo Fighters, Randy Newman, Elliot Smith, Coldplay and many more.

In short: We’re willing to record anything that we consider to be true and good music.