Machine de Cirque (CA) – Kintsugi
New circus

A bus station, lost on the far edge of the world. Eight individuals meet here. Where do they come from? Do they know each other? Are they connected in some way?
While their stories are intertwined, they have one thing in common: a longing to be somewhere else; to travel to foreign lands.
In the heart of their expected exile to an unknown world, they must all follow one rule: take only one piece of luggage. What should you choose then? Something useful, or something that carries with it the passage of time, a memory, a sign.

Within this boundless space, a ballet of human affections unfolds. Fragments from the past that shape the present.

A dream in which you are sometimes awake. A mist that wraps around the bodies and makes them disappear or enlarge. A party in the heart of the night.
This mysterious place awakens in each of them a hunger for life, for encounters and for the unusual. A desire for togetherness, poetry, uninhibited laughter and fun.

With this new show, Machine de Cirque creates a moment of great humanity, an exciting storm with dizzying acrobatic feats. An inspiring dive into life; one that is here and now and full of beauty.



11 Apr 25             CC Maasmechelen (B)         
12 Apr 25            Tamboer Hoogeveen             
15 Apr 25             Maaspoort Venlo                  
17 Apr 25            Wilmink Theater                    
18 Apr 25            SSB Utrecht                          
19 Apr 25            Taqa Theater Alkmaar           
21 Apr 25            Spot Groningen                     
23 Apr 25            Harmonie Leeuwarden          
24 Apr 25            Theaters Tilburg                     
25 Apr 25            De Werf, Aalst (B)                  
26 Apr 25            CC Sint Niklaas (B)                
28 Apr 25             Parkstad Limburg Theater    
29 Apr 25             Warande Turnhout (B)          
30 Apr 25             Schouwburg Nijmegen         
03 May 25            Flint, Amersfoort