Tappin it Collective (NL) – Jazzcafé
Physical / Music theatre

In the swinging dream reality of JAZZCAFÉ, the sky is the limit and musical guests come together to shake off the daily grind of the rigid outside world. After all, why do the same thing every day when every day can be unique?

Sometimes it is better not to know what is going to happen and face the unknown with open arms. Music is made, danced, eaten and drunk. The sheet music is thrown on the fire and the script is put in the blender. They will play the piano with their noses, drink wine from a saxophone, sing songs backwards and tap dance on the ceiling. Because: those who cannot improvise will not survive. Never. In a combination of tap, mime, live music, object percussion, pole dancing and roller skating, Tappin-It Collective takes you on a whirlwind of physical musicality in a performance about freedom, about rules and how to break them.




10 Jan 25              Wesopa, Weesp                https://wesopa.nl/
17 Jan 25              Lux Nijmegen                    https://www.lux-nijmegen.nl/
8 Feb 25                Koornbeurs Franeker        https://www.theaterdekoornbeurs.nl/

Tappin It